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"Too gross for regular movies" ? fest [Nov. 12th, 2006|06:11 am]
Albany Horror Group


Hey everyone!

Kim13 asked me about this thing she saw advertised. It was some sort of Horror Movie Fest, in which the featured movies were, "too gross" or something like that, and it was supposed to be around here sometime soon, lasting about a week. She, a friend of hers, and I would like to attend this, if we could only figure out what it is! Has anyone here heard of something like this happening around here in the near future, and if so, what is it, where is it? Etc. I told her I'd look into this. I know you guys know all horror stuff and won't let me down! :)


[User Picture]From: anomiedysthymia
2006-11-13 04:23 am (UTC)
They'd been discussing it on the IMDb Horror board, probably other places too. I've seen an ad for it run a couple times on TV. Crazy Joe was talking about going, but I don't know that he made any plans. It's just movies showing in regular movie theaters, unfortunately nowhere particularly close to here AFAIK.
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